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About the Work.

You're right. In so many ways.

It's the perfect STATEMENT PIECE for your wall.

It really ENHANCES the room.

It's BOLD & BRAVE like you- go for it.

You feel like you could just EAT IT. Me too. But don't.

It's just the POP of COLOR you were looking for.


It adds a bit of WOO too.


It's an HONOR to meet you here.

To have you purchase my work- It's a dream come true. 

Let me share one of my (many) favorite quotes by Rolf Gates.

“Balance is the aim of all living creatures; it is our home.”

My creative process is a balance of mind + body + spirit. The inspiration and motivation for each piece is found when I'm walking my dogs or sharing space on my yoga mat with those little hogs. And in case you're wondering...

Yes. "Meditations from the Mat" is my meditation jam.**


Wondering where I'm going with this?


Ever or Never stepped foot on a yoga mat?

The thought of meditating is a bit “out there”?

10 free minutes in your day- "Pshaw. I wish."

I hear you.



My artwork and its encouragement to DIVE DEEPER is right for you.

Ever swept away from your thoughts by the sound of waves crashing on a beach?

Can't resist picking up a curious little succulent- during every visit to Trader Joe's?

Well, it's similar. Ask yourself:

Does this painting inspire me to be more present?

Bet you never really thought about it.

And that's cool. I wouldn't have either- till someone (like me) said:

Ever heard of the Chakra System? It's so colorful!


Slow down, Betty.

Pump the brakes. We'll dive into those later.


What I'm Saying Is...

My ART  adds  to or is... your first practice in mindfulness.

Vibrant colors, a blend of textures, and gold details are no accident.

Each represents colorful emotions, experiences, and energies of the human spirit.


And Like Dropping A Raisin In A Champagne Bottle-

There's YOUR WOO. 

Bringing back your Inner Sparkle.


Connect with a painting that speaks of you.

And no, I didn't mean to say "to you"

Believe in the power of yourself.

To keep going. To trust the guidance of your inner light.




THE ILLUMINATION STUDIO has lit the spark.

I'm just getting started! All kinds of ideas over here.

But starting small- doesn't mean I'm thinking small.


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**Meditations from the Mat. Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga. -by Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison