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The LightBOX 60 Day Reserve

Wait. I get it. This looks LONG.

You see this page- and you're a "No Way- Not Happenin' Today"

Come on. Don't "SKIP INTRO" on this- you need to take a look.

BREATHE EASY when it comes to buying FINE ART.

I'll keep it quirky but informative- Let's do this.


The LightBOX 60 Day Reserve gives you 60 days to pay in full w/ no additional cost to you.

NOPE! No prepayment or early pay-off penalties. No catch.

Pay as often as weekly- or as little as 1 additional lump payment.


Mark it "SOLD OUT" = RESERVE YOUR FINE ART PIECE by paying 25% of the original price.


jaw drop.


"OK. I'm listening. So how do I do this?"  It's easy.

1. Add the ART to the cart.

2. Go to Check Out.

3. Enter your details. Please include name, email, AND cell phone.

4. Don't forget to enter your exclusive OFFER CODE (if applicable).

5. Choose The LightBOX as payment method at checkout.

6. All good? Click "Complete Order"

7. Pop the cork. - You just SNAGGED A GREAT DEAL!



By completing the order, you AGREE to submit payment for 25% of the original price. 25% is the Reserve Amount. It will be included in your invoice.

You'll receive an invoice for the Reserve Amount & Remaining Balance within 12 hours of placing your order.

You AGREE to make partial payment arrangements within 6 hours of receiving your invoice. Failure to do so will result in your piece being released to the website as available. (It will make me a bit sad too).


"How do I calculate the RESERVE PAYMENT?"

Great question! I'll list it for you on the product page. It'll be hard to miss.

But to get an idea of the whole KIT & CABOODLE. Here's a quick example...


Quick Example:

You'd like to buy the featured painting. The regular price is set at $1129.

HOWEVER. You've received the SPECIAL INSIDER PRICING of $249 off.

This brings your NEW LTD Time Only sale price to $880.

I see you wiggling those delicate finger muscles in VIP delight.

$880 + $61.60 (that's the 7% sales tax) = $941.60

$941.60 + shipping & handling = the GRAND TOTAL


NOW. Pause. Take a deep breath- YOU'VE GOT THIS.


To RESERVE right now, You need to pay... at least 25% of the original price.

Therefore $1129 x 0.25 = Only $282.25 down to secure this fine art painting at its 7 Day Deal.

$282.25 is the lowest amount needed to reserve this piece in your name.


"Beautiful. What about the remaining balance?"

Well. You still have to pay it. You have 60 days to pay in full.

So....  $880 - $282.25 = $597.75


You have a remaining balance of $597.75

+ You need to add $61.53 (sales tax @ 7%)

+ Shipping & Handling

So.....   $597.75 + $61.60 tax + S&H = $659.35 + S&H

$659.35 + S&H must be paid within the remaining 60 days**

I know it's a bit out of the box. But LOOKIN' GOOD?


60 days. Your choice.

Choose to pay one additional "lump" sum or feel free to split it up into 8 weekly transactions.


Let that simmer.


Full payment is due by 11:59 PST on the 60th day.**


"I just clicked "SEND" on my last payment. What next?"

Get your Donna Summers on.

Start swaying those hips & shimmying those shoulders w/ that "Last (Payment) Dance"

YOUR PAINTING is shipped w/ a little sass, love + appreciation in 3 to 5 business days.


"But Jillian, I'm FLIPPING OUT... I DON'T 'DO' MATH!"

No worries. I'm here to help.

When choosing The LightBOX 60 Day Reserve, we'll be in frequent contact.

LISTEN UP, because it's important. At checkout, remember to submit your name, phone number, and email.

It's the only FAIR way I can keep you updated on your payment progress.


"This is great- BUT WHY? Don't you want the full payment now? What's the catch?"

Umm. There's NO catch.

It's here to SUPPORT YOU.

To take the PRESSURE OFF.

To stay true to your UNIQUE BUDGET.

And have NO REGRETS.


So go ahead. Sizzle in the moment. Treat yourself.

Frankly, It's a WIN - WIN.


And don't hesitate or feel silly.

Reach out with any questions, worries, or confusions.

Basic math skills were learned a long time ago- I know. 


A couple "House Rules" & THANK YOU in advance for understanding...

*In the event of a return- initial shipping charges will not be refunded.

*In the event of a return- you may be required to pay the return shipping.

*In the event of a return- artwork must be returned & accepted in its original condition before receiving the refund.

 **Day 1 of 60 is the same day you reserve the painting.

 *** That's w/ the 1st additional payment beginning Week 1 of the 60 Days. Basically, the 1st payment is made the same week as the initial Reserve Payment.

*** Local delivery is available and could be subject to a handling fee.